Golden pearl villas in south Bangalore is an expression of a world-class vision, to create an iconic identifier for one of India’s amazing city; to provide homes of excellence for Bangalore’s most accomplished families. It is 600 villas three-phases project spread over an area of 50 acres with ready to move villas in Sarjapur road. At Golden Pearl villas in Sarjapur road, we have worked towards reducing the maintenance charge by providing solar street lights and concrete inter-connecting roads enabling the durability. Villas have 24 Hours water supply and No/Rare Power cut.

Construction Updates



  • Taking care of the quality of construction by well professional engineers, using branded materials and fittings for villas.
  • Biometric thumb locking system (German Made) with C.C. Camera and 7” LCD Screens for ground and first floor.
  • Good designed main door – using Teak wood (Burma teak) for the main door (solid door) and for Main door frame- which is expensive.
  • Home automation – Havel’s company.
  • Solar power to the villa – 2 k.v or 3 k.v.
  • Solar water heater – provision for all toilets.
  • Concrete roads with VDF Finish – for the entire project.
  • Solar lightings for all the roads
  • Concrete corridor system – for sewage, underground electricity, net cabling, rainwater, water pipelines, using the concrete designed slabs on concrete corridor system and using as footpaths.
  • Concrete corridor system was specially designed by Global Developers with our own professional engineers, for zero maintenance and all the services should be one roof and easy maintenance and for lifetime development- which no damage and need not necessary to dig the roads or footpaths for any repair work of services, spent a lot of steel and cement and used more manpower to construct the underground corridor system.
  • India’s no 1 and no 3 ranking international schools which are nearby, Indus International school got 1stRanking and The International school Bangalore got 3rd ranking and many more international schools are located at Sarjapura road which is near to Golden Pearl villas in south Bangalore (Sarjapur road).
  • Using International landscape architectures for landscaping in the project.





Followed technically all procedures for laying of concrete roads with VDF Finish.

VDF finish work is a systematic procedure.

GLOBAL DEVELOPERS vision is to build strong roads with good finishing.

Procedures followed

Procedure – I

  1. Soil compaction for all the roads and uniform levels of the roads.
  2. 6” wet mix as base level and compaction with a vibrating roller.
  3. SBC as one layer on the top of the wet mix, using water spray on SBC and followed technically all levels and used the vibrating roller.

Procedure – II

  1. Used well-designed mix concrete machine for concrete roads, which gives accurate concreted designed mix for the strengthening of roads.
  2. Followed technically all procedures for laying of concrete roads.
  3. Followed VDF finish which gives more strength of the roads and for good finish of the roads.
  4. Used leveling machine for accurate levels of the roads. The procedure which we have followed is highly technical.
  5. Used water curing technically which is required for the roads.




GLOBAL DEVELOPERS engineering team specially designed the corridor system for rainwater, underground electricity cables, internet cables, sewage, and water line pipeline. Our concept is all services under one roof at footpath area.

This corridor system is technically designed by GLOBAL DEVELOPERS engineering team for zero maintenance for all services, for any repair work of power lines, net cables, sewage, water pipeline, should not dig any footpaths and roads.

Used lot of steel, cement, metal, and manpower for construction of corridor system. Closing the corridor system with designed concrete plates, which can be used as footpaths.

For any repair work of services, removing the concrete plate and after completion of repair work the same plate, if we are placing, it will be used as a footpath.

How the system works

1st corridor system: it can be used for rainwater. Constructed the base shape as ½ pipe and smooth finish, the water flow will be a smooth way and followed all slopes levels.

2nd corridor system: it can be used for underground electricity cabling. Followed technically the depth required. The same corridor can be used for net cabling by using PVC pipes.

3rd corridor system: it can be used for sewage. Constructed the base shape as ½ pipe and smooth finish, the sewage flow will be a smooth way and followed all slopes levels.




Golden Pearl villas in south Bangalore offers ready to move villas in Sarjapur road project is very close to Attibele town, Bangalore. At present the Attibele town is the fastest developing area, recently so many shopping complexes, Kalyan mantapas have constructed.The big market is opening shortly and FAMILY BIGMART– Hypermarket is opening shortly and schools and hospital are nearby. Recently completed four line road in the Attibele town and the same road is developing up to Golden Pearl project approach road, recently completed the approach road by black tar road to Golden Pearl by Government of Karnataka. Attibele town is transforming like a city.


Very famous international schools, Oxford medical college and Narayana hrudayalaya which are nearby.Recently four liner road sanctioned by govt, which will connect to international airport, from Attibele to Sarjapura and Dommasandra circle via white field and Hoskote directly to the international airport, the road work is started, very good connectivity via Sarjapura road to the white field (ITPL) and Bellanduru ring road (IT HUBS).Very good connectivity of six liner road via Hosur road to electronic city phase I and II and to silk board by an elevated flyover.Metro phase III work is started from silk board to electronic city, further extension is planning up to Attibele town.The upcoming premjee university is coming nearest to Sarjapura and upcoming Infosys campus at Sarjapura, which are near to Golden Pearl.At present in Bangalore city the fastest development is happening place is surrounding of Golden Pearl Project.Upcoming 300 feet 6 liner express STRR Road which connects to International Airport, which is very close to Golden Pearl – STRR Authority was already formed by Govt of Karnataka to develop the 300 feet STRR Road.



SATELLITE TOWN RING ROAD (International Airport Express Highway 300 feet road)

Golden Pearl villas are located at Sarjapur road (South Bangalore) very close to the Satellite town ring road, which connects to International Airport. STRR Authority is formed by the Government of Karnataka to construct the STRR Road, which will be completed within 3 years. Subsequent to which commercial malls and IT Hubs will be shifted close to STRR.

Property Features

  • Spa
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Wi-Fi at Clubhouse
  • Barbeque area at Clubhouse
  • Open party space at Clubhouse
  • Music room/ Dance room
  • Children's activity hall in Clubhouse
  • Billiards
  • Yoga/ Aerobics
  • Gym
  • Jogging tracks
  • Open spaces and parks
  • Outdoor sports facilties
  • Kids play areas
  • ATM
  • Clinic
  • Convenience store
  • Amphitheatre
  • Badminton court
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Cricket net practicing
  • Skating rink
  • Squash court
  • Table tennis
  • Wooden bridge across fishing water stream
  • Waterfalls at the entrance with LED lighting
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Butterfly garden infront of each villa
  • Concrete roads
  • CC-Cameras
  • UGD water line
  • UGD electricity
  • UGD sewage
  • UGD rainwater
  • Solar lighting
  • Security (24/7)
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Concrete footpath

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